Host a Show

You provide the location, people, and refreshments and Metal Mind Accessories will provide the jewels!  

Metal Mind Accessories strives to have at least three shows a year:

  • Spring (March)
  • Fall (September)
  • Winter (December)

In the summer, we will be at Lake Anne’s Craft Market on Saturdays from 11am to 4pm.  Dates will be updated in the Blog.

If you would like to host a show at your home or event, please Contact Us with the season and year you would like to reserve and some information about where you are located.

The host/hostess will receive a gift certificate based on a percentage of the sales made at the show.

How do I invite people to the show?

Metal Mind Accessories will send you at least 30 invitations with envelopes one month before the show for you to send or hand out at your leisure.

What do I need to do before the show?

  1. Send or hand out your invitations.
  2. Let Metal Mind Accessories know approximately how many people plan to attend to ensure enough product is brought to the show.
  3. Set up your home or event location such that Metal Mind Accessories can set up tabletop displays.*
  4. It’s your party so plan away!**

*Metal Mind Accessories does not currently have acces to large mobile tables.
**Feel free to contact Metal Mind Accessories regarding setup and we will help out where we can (tablecloths, small display tables, etc.).

What will Metal Mind Accessories bring to the show?

Metal Mind Accessories arrive an hour early to set up the jewelry and tabletop displays for the show.