Custom Order: A Grandmother’s Pearls

I had the wonderful opportunity to fulfill a custom order with a very special touch.  The pieces were made with pearls from a necklace that belonged to the client’s grandmother and were given as gifts this Christmas.

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Custom Order: Pearls | Metal Mind

Custom Order: Pearls | Metal Mind



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The Reston Market @ Lake Anne: August 3

Red Turtle and Metal Mind will be at the Reston Market at Lake Anne on Saturday, August 3rd from 9am to 1pm.  Hope you can stop by!

The Reston Market @ Lake Anne: June 29

Red Turtle and Metal Mind will be at the Reston Market at Lake Anne on Saturday, June 29 from 9am to 1pm.  Hope you can stop by!

I will be replenishing some of my stock and would love your input!  What kind of jewelry would you like to see more of?  Below are some of my favorites!

Craft Fair Success!

The craft fair was a success!  Not only did I make up the entry fee, I also made more than expected (as did Red Turtle, my tent-mate)!  A few lessons learned:

  1. Put the top of the tent on before it’s fully opened.
  2. Get actual weights for the tent or it will blow over.
  3. Make sure displays are properly weighted or they will blow over and your product will go everywhere.
  4. Wear sunscreen.
  5. A large sign with your shop name is nice (and helps weigh down the tent).

I can’t wait for our next show!  It will be updated next week, but we’re tentatively looking at the Saturday of Father’s Day Weekend.

Craft Fair Details

Lake Anne Plaza (click for directions)

Ethereal Collection

11400 Washington Plaza W
Reston, VA 20190

9am – 1pm

I’ll be sharing tent space with Red Turtle.  Hope to see you there!!!

*Stay tuned to our facebook page for updates during the show!

The Reston Market

Dark Crystal Collection | Metal Mind Accessories

The moment you’ve all been waiting for!  Let’s be real.  It’s the moment I’ve been waiting for.  I’ve been wanting to show my wares at the Reston Market for a while now.  They generally have limited space for jewelers because there are so many, but because I’m teaming up with Red Turtle (sharing a tent), they’ve allowed me into their magical land of crafts.

The Reston Market in Lake Anne is a combination of a farmer’s market and a craft fair.  The farmer’s market is something my husband and I frequent during the summer, where we pick up delicious in-season fruits and interesting meats.  The craft fair section has artisans from jewelers to painters to quilts and other hand-made textile crafts.  It’s pretty varied and fun to walk through.  There are also various places to each a proper lunch with lovely outdoor seating and sometimes live music!  Even if you don’t come to see us, I definitely recommend visiting the Lake Anne market just for the experience (and you might find something you like, food or craft!).

We will be there from 9am to 1pm in one of the “bigger” spaces with a tent.  We don’t have a set space, so you’ll have to wander around to find us.  Darn!  You’ll just have to check out ALL THE THINGS while you look for us :).  Bring cashy monies!  You’ll probably find something you like.

As for Metal Mind, we’ll be taking all forms of payment (as long as my phone’s battery doesn’t die).  Red Turtle takes cash and personal checks.

Hope to see you there!! (Bring your friends!)

New Supplies on the Way

New supplies are on the way, so custom orders may be delayed until late May.  Don’t despair!  Any orders placed will be immediately detailed and we’ll start work on the design right away!  We’ll work with you via email, including you into the design process to make sure your piece is exactly what you’re looking for.

Order’s can be placed through the Order Form.


Spring Trunk Show: Part 3

I was able to run around like a crazy person, right before people started showing up, to take a few pictures of some pieces. 

I am very pleased on the success of the show.  Nearly everyone who RSVP’d with the intent of coming did so and brought friends!  I definitely have a list of “lessons learned” that will be a huge help for the next show.  During the summer, Metal Mind will be appearing at the Lake Anne Art’s Market with Red Turtle, maker of the cute little bags displayed during the show as a summer “preview” (one sold!), gorgeous handmade baby blankets of all sizes, pajama pants, and more! 

Red Turtle Sample and Future Bags
Red Turtle Sample and Future Bags

The Art Market is open every Saturday from May until October and we are hoping to be there a couple of times a month during the summer.  More details on our first Market appearance will be posted here! Check back in late April for more details!

Not on the e/mail list?  Contact us so you can be the first to know about all the things!

Spring Trunk Show: Part 2

(All these posts would be in the same post, except that I can only have one of these delightful little galleries per post… so let’s continue!)

Not only did the hostess use her crafty talent to setup the displays, she also went above and beyond with the refreshments!  She went to Costco to get some delicious croissant sandwiches with a variety of meats, strawberries, a variety of fruit, and various candies and cookies.  She put together a delicious fruit bowl, a chicken salad, and dipped the strawberries and blackberries in chocolate.  I was able to provide a few things including a strawberry-mango sangria, and mini-egg chocolate cookies to round out the springtime feel.  It was a lovely spread and I only hope I can re-create it at shows I host on my own!