Craft Fair Success!

The craft fair was a success!  Not only did I make up the entry fee, I also made more than expected (as did Red Turtle, my tent-mate)!  A few lessons learned:

  1. Put the top of the tent on before it’s fully opened.
  2. Get actual weights for the tent or it will blow over.
  3. Make sure displays are properly weighted or they will blow over and your product will go everywhere.
  4. Wear sunscreen.
  5. A large sign with your shop name is nice (and helps weigh down the tent).

I can’t wait for our next show!  It will be updated next week, but we’re tentatively looking at the Saturday of Father’s Day Weekend.


2 thoughts on “Craft Fair Success!

  1. What an awesome spread lady! 🙂 I’m glad to hear things went well! And the possible mascot? A fun find! 🙂 Those blankets and teddies are Cuuuuuutte! 😀

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