The Reston Market

Dark Crystal Collection | Metal Mind Accessories

The moment you’ve all been waiting for!  Let’s be real.  It’s the moment I’ve been waiting for.  I’ve been wanting to show my wares at the Reston Market for a while now.  They generally have limited space for jewelers because there are so many, but because I’m teaming up with Red Turtle (sharing a tent), they’ve allowed me into their magical land of crafts.

The Reston Market in Lake Anne is a combination of a farmer’s market and a craft fair.  The farmer’s market is something my husband and I frequent during the summer, where we pick up delicious in-season fruits and interesting meats.  The craft fair section has artisans from jewelers to painters to quilts and other hand-made textile crafts.  It’s pretty varied and fun to walk through.  There are also various places to each a proper lunch with lovely outdoor seating and sometimes live music!  Even if you don’t come to see us, I definitely recommend visiting the Lake Anne market just for the experience (and you might find something you like, food or craft!).

We will be there from 9am to 1pm in one of the “bigger” spaces with a tent.  We don’t have a set space, so you’ll have to wander around to find us.  Darn!  You’ll just have to check out ALL THE THINGS while you look for us :).  Bring cashy monies!  You’ll probably find something you like.

As for Metal Mind, we’ll be taking all forms of payment (as long as my phone’s battery doesn’t die).  Red Turtle takes cash and personal checks.

Hope to see you there!! (Bring your friends!)


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