It’s taken a while, but our workshop is finally (mostly) set up to work!!  Before, it was pretty messy.

Workshop before.
Workshop before.

The best thing about the before picture is the sweet articulating lamp (white).  My husband got it for me for Christmas and it’s PERFECT for working on those tiny pieces.  My eyes feel better already.

Now that we have the pegboard setup, all our tools are out for easy grabbage.  Eventually I’ll have a space for current projects and items I’m working on, but that’ll have to wait until I actually start working on things (which should be today!).

Pegboard and tools.
Pegboard and tools.

We decided that our extra bedroom (currently extra and craft stuff) should actually be used as a guest bedroom, so all the craft stuff had to be stored in the workshop.  Fortunately, re-purposing old plastic storage turned out to be super useful!

Craft storage.
Craft storage.

But wait, that’s not all!  My husband bought me a sweet sweet workchair as a milestone gift while I was working on my Master’s thesis.  It.  Is.  AWESOME.  Adjustable, comfortable, and lightweight!

New chair!
New chair!

So now that everything is pretty much ready to go, it’s time to get crackin’!  Jewelry make-age BEGINS NOW!!!


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