Out With School, In With Jewels

That pesky thesis from eight months ago… FINISHED!  That means more jewelry making and less, well, worry about school!  My husband and I are still putting together our workshop, with plenty of workspace for jewelry-making.  I definitely used to drag all my supplies into our living room and watch TV while making pieces, sitting on the floor, losing thing, and generally making a giant mess.  Now I’ll be snug in my fancy new work chair, fancy new pegboard (which definitely holds my tools as well!).

What does this mean for you?  This means that I’ll be working on building up my inventory and will be looking into purchasing precious metals (silver and gold).  I received a rock tumbler for my birthday, which I will definitely be using to incorporate various kinds of tumbled rocks/gems into my designs.  I am planning on holding a springtime show, sometime in March or April, depending on how much inventory I can produce between now and then, and if you are signed up for my shows, you will receive an invitation in the mail.  Want to attend a show but are not signed up to receive emails?  Please email me at metalmindaccessories@gmail.com and I will make sure you receive all the latest details!  I strive to keep your inbox clean, so only really important emails will be sent out and I definitely will not share your information with anyone!

Once our workshop is finished, my real work will begin!  More information about the Spring Show will be available next month.  Have a lovely January!!


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