Trunk Show

My sister started promoting my jewelry by way of wearing the pieces I’d made her for Christmas, and they got some notice at her workplace.  Now I have a decent list of her people that are interested in checking and/or purchasing a piece of their own!  For anyone who’s been to my Etsy page lately, you’ll notice that there isn’t much up there.  This is because 1)  I haven’t gotten around to taking better pictures and 2) I’m now in full swing (as much I can be with a regular day-job) making as many different pieces as I can.

My sister has graciously offered to host a Jewelry Trunk Show of my stuff in March, hence the big shift to making instead of selling (for now).  After the show I’ll have a better idea of what people like and will focus on Etsy until the summer, where I’ll be joining my mom at the local Lake Anne Market, which is held every Saturday from May to October.  I won’t be there every Saturday (I have my thesis to finish), but I’ll try to make a number of appearances.  Locations and times will be posted when we get there for anyone who wants to go!  They always have cool vendors there from food to blankets.

Details on the Trunk show will be posted here about one week before.  I will be sending out invitations to those who have given my their addresses, but anyone is welcome, so if you’ve heard about the show from a friend, I hope you can join us!